Day 31: Yellowstone and The Tetons Deliver!

The last week was split between Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. This is one of those things where the pictures speak louder than the words (and they still can’t do it justice…) As much as I’d like to describe it all in words, I wouldn’t know if I should start with the geysers…

Steamboat Geyser, tallest active geyser

 the hot springs…

Grand Prismatic from ground level

the bison that practically litter Yellowstone…

or the sharp peaks of the Teets!

Taggert Lake trail head

The Tetons were incredible! I had heard from many people who said they preferred this park over Yellowstone, which surprised me at first. After visiting both parks I understand why. The Tetons are much more of a playground than Yellowstone is. The marina at Colter Bay was the first indicator of this for me.

Colter Bay Marina

The park also offered some great wildlife viewing. Here’s my favorite shot, a western taninger…

Thanks Jordan for the hike on the west side of the Tetons, my knee just about exploded but it was worth it!

Taylor Mountain

I’m about halfway through my time on the road and some of the best is yet to come. I’ll shortly end up in Denver, one of my favorite cities! The next ten days, however, are a long stretch of camping where I’ll be traveling through the Big 5 in southern Utah; Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches. I take off for Zion this morning, can’t wait!


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