Day 26: Jack of All Trades; Master of One

Three long years with three outrageous summer excursions in MT have resulted in a Master’s degree. The experience was life changing. On top of everything I learned, the greatest part of the program was all the incredible people I met. When I think back on all the sardine packed SUVs that we took all over southern Montana, I think immediately of the friends that were made over those 3 to 5 hour rides. It’s incredible how quick the bonding process works when you stick a bunch of science teachers in a car and drive them through the mountains for days at a time!

To all the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met through the course of this program and in Bozeman, thanks for making it the best experience of my life. Let’s get that reunion going!

Currently, I’m sitting in a small camping cabin west of Yellowstone. I’ve spent the past two days with the parents cruising the world’s first national park. The rain has doused our parade a little bit. It would be nice to sit outside around a fire ring, but it will be nice out tomorrow…fingers crossed.

That’s all for now, Tetons on Thursday.


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