Days 6 & 7: Sioux Falls -> Badlands -> Billings

Tragedy struck on the way to the badlands. My FM transmitter stopped working, seemingly while trying to snap a shot of a roadside billboard for the Corn Palace. This is a disaster because it meant that all podcasts immediately stopped. Audiobooks still seem to have some value while blasting through my phone speakers, maybe because the audiobook can just persistently run for extended periods. Here is the excellent photo that ruined a good portion of my entertainment for the trip (it was for you, Leo…):

An interesting phenomena that took place with the death of the FM transmitter was that it instantly induced its own moment of silence. It will be replaced.

Badlands National Park was slightly intimidating.  Not because of the spectacle, but because of how well it seemed to occupy a vast and empty space. The open hiking policy at the park granted freedom to wander far off the designated trails. Just be mindful of the rattlesnakes and you’ll be fine. 

Large buttes stood their ground as the surrounding areas eroded away more quickly. They seemed to pop up out of nowhere, yet some chunks could easily be ripped off by hand. As beautiful as it was, and I recommend that everybody visit for a day or two, it provided a unique juxtaposition of peaceful eeriness. 

Spending the night in Billings is needed. A shower, shave, and hotel bar have provided a nice reset before tomorrow’s drive, one of the stints that I am looking forward to the most…The Beartooth Highway


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