Day 5: Chicago, IL -> Sioux Falls, SD

Nothing interesting today, just a few anecdotes:

1) Was not aware how many wind farms existed in southern Minnesota, many square miles

2) I did not know how large of a splat some insects were capable of making. Pics available upon request if you can handle the grave yard that is my front bumper

3) Here’s an updated list of the podcasts from today…

RadioLab: The Rhino Hunter
Hidden Brain: Encore of Episode 16: Misbehaving
Stuff You Should Know: How Space Stations Work
The Moth Podcast: Sherman Powell & Richie Disalvo
The Sporkful: Burgers Of The Future (Cow Not Included)

The complete list can be seen in the sidebar at right or at bottom of page if on mobile

That’s all for today


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