Day 4: Fair Lawn, NJ -> Chicago, IL

I don’t think I realized it until after I moved out of the area, but the ease at which one can get from place-to-place is definitely something I took for granted while growing up in northeastern, NJ.  Less than 15 minutes from my hometown is the junction of routes 80 and 95, or what I like to think of as, “The Crossroads of America” (even though the city of Indianapolis has more formally claimed that title).  In less than 15 minutes I could be on a road that would take me straight north to Canada or straight south to Miami.  Route 80 winds through the west all the way to San Francisco, if I opted to go that far.  Today, I rode it through Indiana until a quick change over to route 90 took me up to Chicago.

I could not have selected a better date for what I expect to be the longest day of travel for the whole trip, the summer solstice. On top of the approximate 15 hours of day light afforded to me today, I was able to add one extra hour thanks to the time change. If Indiana had not supplied me with the thickest sheets of rain and fog I’d ever experienced (rain so thick and wind so strong I thought I was driving through a hurricane in the Midwest), it would have taken about 11.5 hours. But I was happy with the 12.5 that it took me. A couple of beers and a deep dish and Lou Malnati’s was a great way to unwind after the long day. Off to Sioux Falls in the morning as I press on towards Bozeman for the end of the week!


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